Annual Review of 2023

Insights from my 2023.

Annual Review of 2023
📷 Parradee Kietsirikul
So much time and so little to do.
Wait a minute. Strike that.
Reverse it. - Willy Wonka

I don't have time to write this post, but Greetings from Lake Tahoe! It's a perfect setting to revisit this past year.

As you scroll, the context, links, and takeaways are for you. If they pique your interest or acquaint you with something new, then right on!

From 2023:

• Highlights
• Lowlights
• Influencers
• Books
• Bands
• Content

Whether it's at the end of each year, quarter, or month...zoom out. Gauge how far your systems move the needle.

Assess who you've chosen to surround yourself with and why. Major in major things, not minor things.


  • What did I do?
  • What did I learn?
  • What would I eliminate or adjust?
  • How can I serve others?

Time is a non-renewable resource. Everything must have a purpose. Approach 2024 with joy and gratitude, depth and meaning, preparation and execution.

Thanks for reading.

Ralph Barsi
South Lake Tahoe, California
December 2023

😎 Highlights

After a thorough scrub of calendars, photos, and journal entries, these were the prominent, positive spikes of my year.

  • Began a new job in a new industry. In April, I joined Kahua as its VP of Sales. We solve project management problems for the $12 trillion construction industry.
  • Completed my first 75 Hard program. It improved mental toughness and lasted 75 consecutive days. I went all in and still reap the benefits.
  • Visited 3 countries outside the US. I chaperoned my son's graduation trip to Mexico, worked for a week in Canada, and golfed in Scotland.
  • Advised two new businesses. I'm honored to advise Aircover and Scale Venture Partners and serve their communities.
  • A third of my year was sober. It started with a dry January and rolled into another 2 1/2 months with no alcohol. It got easier each day.

😕 Lowlights

Control what you can control.

  • Lost my job. Thousands of tech companies let go of over 260,000 employees. Mine was no exception. I left Tray in February.
  • Segue didn't play. My band rehearsed once and pinned zero live performances on the calendar.
  • Dealt with back aches. Mild disc bulges and arthritis in the joints made for an uncomfortable year. Golf hurt less than jiu-jitsu, so I avoided the mats.
  • Wrote less. I love to write but didn't consistently publish my work.

🤩 Influencers

These folks taught me a lot. I referenced their material throughout 2023.

📚 Books

I read or listened to 10 books, but gutted these ones. They're now among my Recommended Reads.

  • Business Made Simple (Donald Miller)
    A guide on how to increase your personal economic value.
  • Deep Work (Cal Newport)
    Time spent x intensity of focus produces high-quality work. Period.
  • High-Output Management (Andy Grove)
    Hard things are manageable when they're broken down.
  • Working Backwards (Colin Bryar, Bill Carr)
    A backstage view from the guys who were Jeff Bezos's shadows.

🎸 Bands

Another lowlight is that I didn't see enough bands this year. Every one of these shows, however, was outstanding.

  • Cutlass Supreme
    Saturday, March 25
    Winters Tavern
    Pacifica, California
  • Phish
    Tuesday, April 18
    Greek Theatre
    Berkeley, California
  • Billy Strings
    Friday, October 6
    Frost Amphitheater
    Palo Alto, California
  • Peter Gabriel
    Wednesday, October 11
    Chase Center
    San Francisco, California
  • Mother Hips
    Saturday, December 16
    Great American Music Hall
    San Francisco, California

📃 Content

Thank you to these awesome professionals for inviting me to contribute.

Happy New Year! My best to you in 2024! 🎉

With my beautiful wife | Palisades Tahoe, December 8, 2023