See It Before It Happens

See your wins and losses before they happen.

See It Before It Happens
📷 Liam Truong
"How you run the race - your planning, preparation, practice, and performance - counts for everything. Winning or losing is a by-product, and aftereffect, of that effort." - John Wooden

Write down your performance predictions. Seal them in an envelope. Open it at the end of the quarter or year. Coach John Wooden did this at UCLA.

The season's schedule would get published. He'd jot down the outcomes of his upcoming games. At the end he’d open the envelope to reconcile it all. Most times, he was spot on.

It's a powerful way to win, as well as learn.

• How do you "see" your quarter or year playing out?
• How accurately can you forecast your wins?
• Pipeline opportunities, new jobs, relationships, diets, races?

Assess your future responses and reactions, too. Weigh the risks and craft contingency plans. Ensure the actuals are worth celebrating. And when you open that envelope, stand tall with your arms raised.

We believe in you.

A few of Coach Wooden's actuals

- 10 NCAA Championships
- 16 NCAA Tournament Appearances, 12 Final Fours
- 6-time winner of Coach of the Year
- Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Member