✌🏻What I’m Doing Now
Yosemite Valley

✌🏻What I’m Doing Now

This Now Page was updated on Sunday, June 19, 2022.

Greetings from Yosemite National Park in California.

Happy Father's Day! I'm blessed and grateful to be spending the day with my father and two of my three sons, as well as my wife and mother.

My father and me. Pleasanton, California, April 26, 2021

Last week I scanned the greeting cards aisle at our local CVS and was kinda bummed out. It seemed like every Father's Day card portrayed Dad as a beer-guzzling, lazy loser.

The fathers I know, especially my own father, are the complete opposite. Most of us dads out here are getting after it, doing everything we can to lead by example, love the mothers of our children, and make something of this life.

Fortunately, I found a great card for my dad and moved along. Thank you to all the awesome fathers I know, who continue to lead the way. And a prayer of remembrance for those no longer with us.

For the last three weeks, I've mostly focused on writing. Inspired by the 🚢 Ship 30 for 30 and Write of Passage programs, I decided it was time to create a new habit.

It's cathartic to say the least. Here's some of the writing produced, so far:

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Disturb a ship’s path just 1 degree and it becomes unstable. It requires constant helm corrections to maintain a desired heading.
12 Consistently Useful Newsletters | Ralph Barsi
I admire writers who consistently publish their work, especially newsletters. Here are 12 of them...
Possess the Right Questions | Ralph Barsi
“The wise ones don’t give the right answers, they possess the right questions.”
Thoughtful Job Descriptions | Ralph Barsi
It’s difficult to attract top talent when job descriptions look like everyone else’s.
Grow Your Sales Development Organization | Ralph Barsi
Lots of sales development leaders struggle to grow their organizations. It often feels like building the plane while flying.
Bottom of the Org Chart | Ralph Barsi
The best sales development leaders see themselves at the bottom of the org chart. Not the top.
How to Separate Wheat from the Chaff in Sales Development
Thousands of sales development leaders are seeking top talent.Tens of thousands of candidates are seeking top leaders.It’s tough to stand out.

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