✌🏻What I’m Doing Now
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✌🏻What I’m Doing Now

Updated on Thursday, January 12, 2023, from Danville, California.

New Podcast Episode

You might benefit from hearing this podcast episode I recorded with my friend, Jason Bay. It's ~51-minutes and it centers on how to be a world class sales leader.

It's one of my favorite conversations in a long time.
Jason has a calm, zen-like disposition that's infectious.

He's an exceptional listener and 'lets it breathe' for a second, before he responds to someone talking. Kind, respectful, present.

We hit on several key principles, like:
• Owning your business within the business
• Developing your attitude of gratitude
• Finding your mission and purpose
• Helping reps self-assess and find their why
• How to handle when everything goes south
• How to run efficient meetings

Jason's in the business of helping people convert complete strangers into paying customers and is great at what he does.

Learn more about Jason here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasondbay/
Learn about his business here: https://outboundsquad.com/
Listen to our episode here: https://bit.ly/OB-Squad

Jason's an old school Van Halen fan, too. My kind of guy.

New Webinars

On January 19, I'll join two industry colleagues for a talk on "How to Reduce Ramp Time and Boost Revenue," as part of the Sell Better series by JB Sales.

Register to join us: ⬇

How to Reduce Ramp Time and Boost Revenue
We’ll cover how sales leaders can approach and cut ramp time so their reps can get to selling faster and better as soon as possible.

It's also time for "THE MEGA SKO - The Sales Kick Off for the entire Modern Sales Community".

On January 24, I'm joining two SDR leaders for a panel discussion on scaling sales development organizations.

Join us! Register here: https://events.modernsaleshq.com/the-mega-sko

New Posts

An Annual Review of 2022. Despite the aforementioned swirl in the world and in my industry, I managed to have fun, get stuff done, and play golf.

Annual Review - 2022 | Ralph Barsi
A summary of highlights from my 2022.

A note to salespeople. Throughout my career, I've seen peers and colleagues step into the New Year hoping it all works out. They've had no game plan, no discipline, and, sadly, no results. This message is to keep the generation behind them from falling short.

Take Ownership Without Over-Engineering
3 principles that help AEs and SDRs win.

My guidance to SaaS founders on ways to approach the sales development function. It's the second part of a conversation I had with a VC firm. It highlights proven approaches they and their leaders can consider.

Part 2: How SaaS Founders Can Approach Sales Development | Ralph Barsi
Part 2: Key areas for founders to consider, when building a sales development organization.

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