🌱 What I’m Doing Now
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🌱 What I’m Doing Now

Updated on Saturday, January 20, 2024 from the San Francisco Bay Area.

I published this journal entry on X

Figured I'd share the work - or at least my thoughts about the work.


Kahua offers a project management platform for the construction industry.

We streamline complex operations for clients like the Federal Government, transportation agencies, health systems, schools, and commercial businesses.

We hold ourselves to high standards and seek...

• A sales development leader based in the Atlanta area (Is it you?)
• Salespeople with experience in construction software (A-players, please.)
• And more! Visit kahua.com/careers.


I'm excited to appear on new podcasts soon:

I recently joined Brian Dietmeyer on the CloseMode Podcast.
We shared how companies generate pipeline from Prospecting Days.

Listen on Apple or Spotify: here and here.
Watch on YouTube: here.


I’ve started adding transcripts to my blog. They supplement the podcast and webinar links that sometimes vanish over time.

While AI assists with the raw transcription of episodes, I pore through each one, editing and fine-tuning the content.

The result? Public conversations I’ve had take on a new form and increase their shelf life.

And the act of revisiting the conversations through the editing process yields tons of renewed ideas for articles, posts, tweets, and initiatives.

Transcripts for the win!


75 Hard

On January 10, I began the 75 Hard program. I completed it last year, too.

It is a mental toughness campaign that requires you to finish these critical tasks for 75 consecutive days.

If you fail, you begin Day 1 the next day and try again.

• Two 45-minute workouts (one must be outdoors)
• Follow a diet
• No alcohol or cheat meals
• Drink one gallon of water
• Read 10 pages, nonfiction. Audiobooks do not count.
• Take a progress pic.

The Barsi Family | Memphis, TN | July 19, 2023

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