Tips for SDR Mentorship Programs

Proven steps for running an effective SDR mentorship program.

Tips for SDR Mentorship Programs
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SDR leaders, how effective is your team’s mentorship program?
Oh, the team doesn’t have one?

This will help you frame-up a strong SDR mentorship program.

• Mentors are usually the company’s seasoned AEs or leaders.
• Mentees are the SDRs who *want* a mentor.
• Both receive a detailed letter about roles and responsibilities.
• Mentees can also have a buddy, who is a tenured peer of the SDR’s.

The program is offered to SDRs after their 3rd month in the role. SDRs who drive the mentorship themselves see the best results and highest engagement from their mentor.

The program lasts a minimum of 6 months. Pairs that get along well, however, often stretch the mentorship for quarters or years.

On All Hands calls and at Sales Kickoffs, everyone hears from the pairings who are doing it right.

For example, they may share:
• What makes a great handoff from SDR to AE
• How to qualify or disqualify a meeting
• Challenges the AE faced when they were an SDR
• How the AE and SDR collaborate on the discovery phase


• This is your chance to teach and coach someone in the early stages of their career
• Share the experiences you’ve had and how you’ve overcome challenges in the role
• Lend a fresh perspective on what you’ve gained throughout your career


• This is your chance to learn from the field and create winning habits
• You’ll solve problems differently, gain exposure to the mechanics of a sales process, and level up your professional game
• It’s also an outstanding way to network

Once the program is underway for several months, survey the participants to get their take on the program. Refine and improve accordingly.

A rock solid SDR mentorship program will deliver the talent pipeline your organization needs.

Studies show that 100% of US Fortune 50 companies have mentorship programs. Your SDR team gets closer to world class when it has one, too. And, maybe, someday that day will arrive, when the mentees become the mentors.  

When the pupil is ready, the master appears.