3 Obstacles for SDR Leaders

3 obstacles SDR leaders often face.

3 Obstacles for SDR Leaders
📷 André Mašek

Most SDR leaders face these 3 obstacles

1. Creating a performance culture.
2. Earning credibility and rapport.
3. Managing the chain of command.

How to fix all 3

1. Raise your standards.
2. Acknowledge it's your fault.
3. Communicate well (and often).

Bonus fixes

Measure what matters. You can't win if you don't keep score. The metrics, though, must inform a narrative.

Lighten up. If you're miserable, so is the team. No one wants to hear about your poo poo pants.

Point north. You recruited and hired and trained top talent, right? Then announce the mission and let them do their work.

Pick up a phone. Broker introductions between SDRs and your known contacts in target accounts.

Connect the dots. Expose the SDRs to different business units in your company, so they're familiar with the systemic impact of your product or service in customer accounts.

Be intentional about everything you do. The next email you write > the next note you take > the next request you make > the next exercise you do. Be intentional.

Keep your world small. Can you take something from x to y by lunch time? Finish today with one mini-success. Stop trying to go from A to Z. Slow your roll.

Read a book about your craft. Want suggestions? Ask Google or Chat GPT, which segues into the last bonus fix...

Be resourceful, as well as a resource. Have two solutions to a problem BEFORE escalating it. Think creatively, or think critically, but think like a leader.