How to Not Book Qualified Meetings

Notice how obnoxious doing the opposite looks. Reverse-engineer for the win.

How to Not Book Qualified Meetings
📷 Jazmin Quaynor

SDRs who can’t book qualified meetings…are everywhere.
Sometimes, a simple inversion exercise gets you back on track.

Struggling to book qualified meetings? Here’s what NOT to do.

• Don’t prioritize booking meetings, let alone qualified ones.
• Reject advice from sales experts in your industry.
• Forget about defining what “qualified” even means.

• Ignore researching the top challenges of your ideal prospects.
• Stay legacy and avoid tools that automate and simplify processes.

• Steer clear of meeting new people or cultivating your network.
• Refuse to ask your network to help broker introductions.
• Avoid dormant leads or Closed Lost deals. Let all stones go unturned.

• Don't add a brief agenda to your meeting invitations.
• Only talk about you, your company, and your product.

• Refuse to do any A/B testing of your approach.
• Write long, pre-emptive emails centered on your product.
• Presume the prospect has 30 full minutes to meet with you.

Charlie Munger said, “Many hard problems are best solved when they are addressed backward.”

Apply this method to anything you’re aspiring to do well.
Notice how obnoxious doing the opposite looks.

Crystalize an identity-based effort, so you avoid doing what B and C-players would do. After all, you’re an A-player, player.
Reverse-engineer for the win.