Life Charts for SDRs

To SDRs, life charts are reminders that the role is temporary.

Life Charts for SDRs
📷 Şahin Sezer Dinçer 

Have you ever seen a life chart? Is it daunting or inspiring?

To SDRs, life charts can serve as a reminder that the role is temporary. It lasts anywhere from 6 to 24+ months.

This isn’t much time, then, to learn, contribute, and grow. Skills and competencies developed as an SDR impact the rest of your career, so soak ‘em up.

Do these well…

• Initiate conversations with senior leaders and other professionals
• Forecast how well your month, quarter, or year will end
• Use a host of tech stack applications and platforms
• Educate people on industry trends and show them how to mitigate risk
• Write, speak, and listen intently
• Think critically and creatively to solve problems
• Get to the point

Play the long game and it’ll pay in spades. But keep your world small and operate in chunks:

• Complete a single task, then tackle the next single task, and so on
• Get as much accomplished as you can by lunchtime and repeat in the afternoon
• Maximize the input to yield the output (reap what you sow)

This grind shall pass.

Leaders, there’s little time to teach, coach, guide, and foster the next generation of jedis. Optimize this short term by staying present to your team(s) and constantly wrenching on the engine.

Life charts show that when we zoom-out, our time in-seat is just a blip.