10 Laws Always in Effect

10 laws that are always in effect. Use them to your advantage.

10 Laws Always in Effect

These 10 laws are in effect, whether you like it or not.
They're working around and within you.
Use them to your advantage.

1. Law of Forced Efficiency
There isn't enough time to do everything, but there’s
always enough time to do the most important things.

2. Law of Attraction
Like attracts like.
If you will change, everything will change for you.

3. Boyle’s Law
As volume increases, pressure decreases, and vice versa.
Lots of jobs available, less pressure to differentiate.

4. Dude’s Law
Value = Why ÷ How.
If there’s no good reason for the project,
it doesn’t matter how well it’s done.

5. Humphrey’s Law
You'll know what you want once the system is in production.
Systems trump goals.

6. Law of Propinquity
The closer people are to you, physically,
the better the chance of knowing them.
There's power in proximity.

7. Metcalfe’s Law
As your network scales, it is worth more, squared.
Your network is your net worth, if cultivated.

8. The Universal Law of Need
The more you need something, the less likely you will get it.
Focus on the consequences of losing and you will lose.

9. The Law of Rhythm
Everything is cyclical, and change is around the corner.
Go with the flow, yo.

10. The Law of Action
We must take action in life to see changes happen.
Opportunities multiply as they are seized.