How Fast You Can Focus

Decide to focus and opportunities will appear.

How Fast You Can Focus
📷 Sharon McCutcheon

You’d be surprised at how fast you can change your focus.  
You’re not thinking about your left earlobe, for example….

Until now. That’s how fast you can get back on track.
That’s also how fast you can veer off track.

Problems sometimes stem from our decisions - or lack thereof.

You see, once you decide to improve, decide to serve others, or decide to win, your brain kicks into gear.

It’s like deciding to buy an electric car. Suddenly, you see them everywhere.

Two things to consider once you’ve flipped the switch:

#1 Opportunities multiply as they are seized.
#2 Motion does not equal action.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” -Norman Vincent Peale
“Move and the way will open.” -Zen proverb