5 Problems Sales and SDR Leaders Want Fixed

5 Sales-Sales Development problems and a way to fix 'em.

5 Problems Sales and SDR Leaders Want Fixed

I talk with dozens of sales and SDR leaders.
These 5 problems continue to bother them:

1. Loose interlock between SDRs - AEs - SEs
2. Little to no “outbound culture”
3. Lack of technical / product proficiency
4. Leads from the wrong segment / audience
5. No collective effort / definition of world class

What do you think of these possible solutions?

1. Create pods, by territory, segment, and accounts
2. Model a hybrid of methodologies
3. Certify reps often (via book clubs, case studies, panels)
4. Invest in high-value targets and a true ABSD approach
5. Recommit to organizational and team values

Here are advantages to employing those solutions:

1. Focused campaigns that captivate prospects
2. Lower CAC, higher personalization at scale
3. Market credibility, fast qualification and disqualification
4. Higher ROI on internal investments
5. A legitimate team culture with higher standards

Struggling with this stuff, too?

Create 3 columns labeled P | S | A
Problems | Solutions | Advantages

Not advantages for YOU, though.
Advantages for your prospects and customers.

Set the timer for 20 minutes.
Work only on Ps, Ss, and As.

In no time, you’ll have begun fixing the 5 problems.