💡Show Your Work (Videos)
At SalesLoft's Rainmaker Conference - Atlanta, GA, 2019

💡Show Your Work (Videos)

“Ship it.” – Seth Godin

👇🏼 Scroll down to watch webinars and video presentations I've done over the years. They represent some of my contributions to the marketplace.



Outbound Squad with Jason Bay
One of my favorite conversations to-date, my friend Jason Bay and I talked about what sales leaders are like when they're world class.

Scalin' Up SDR Management for Rapidly Growing Orgs
The Mega SKO is an annual virtual event hosted by Modern Sales Pros. This year's panel discussion included Gil Abramov, Travis Militzer, and Debora Fernandez and centered on sales development management.

How to Reduce Ramp Time and Boost Sales
Hosted by the Sell Better by JB Sales team, this panel shared tips, examples, and lessons from ramping and onboarding sales and sales development reps. Speakers included Nikki Ivey and Ellis Stone.


PEAK Sales Summit
Hosted by Ambition, this session reviewed the evolution, challenges, and benefits of the modern tech stack. Speakers included Butler Raines, Brandy Ringler, and Will Allred.

Dude, Where's My Pipeline? with Emily Hill and Wendy Perilli
This discussion focused on the much-needed interlock between demand generation and sales development teams. It was hosted by Emily Hill and Wendy Perilli of PeerSpot.

Make It Happen Mondays with John Barrows
Any chance I get to talk with John Barrows is cherished.

Modern Sales Power Hour with Pete Kazanjy
A great talk with Pete Kazanjy of Atrium and Modern Sales Pros. We talked about gratitude, sales development, and driving a performance culture.


A Tactical Approach to Booking Qualified Meetings (in Less Than an Hour)
A discussion with James Buckley and Leslie Douglas from JB Sales. We covered tactics for booking qualified sales meetings...because it's tough to do.

Supercharged: The Playbook for Scaling Your Sales Development Team
Modern Sales Pros hosted this panel as part of the Revenue Excellence Summit. It was led by Nipul Chokshi, Kent Venook, Rashmi Viswanath, Anna Fisher, and Gina Holly.

AA-ISP: “The Great Resignation”
Employee Mental Health and Retention, Part I

A deep discussion panel, led by André Anderson and featuring Sean Kawaguchi, Jeff Riseley, Susan Warden, and GB Blackwell.

AA-ISP: "The Great Resignation"
Employee Mental Health, Part II - Ralph Barsi Responses

Register here to see the entire discussion. Led by Michael Tuso, Part II's panel included Sean Kawaguchi and Jeff Riseley.

The Tenbound Sales Development Conference
David Dulany and the teams at Tenbound and Vendition hosted the annual Sales Development Conference in San Francisco.

1UP Sales Development Podcast
Jackson Lieu hosted a fun conversation about sales development talk tracks, purpose, and mechanics.

The Demo Diaries Podcast
Jorge Soto hosted a great conversation about “Four Pillars of Sales Excellence”.


XANT Sales Development Summit
This virtual conference offered me an opportunity to discuss how the best SDRs approach their career.

Coffee with Closers
Samuel Thimothy and I talked about the best sales leaders’ characteristics and best practices. It was a fun conversation.

The Salesman Podcast
It was a pleasure talking with Will Barron again. We discussed “How to Become UNSACKABLE in Your B2B Sales Job.” Read the show notes here.

Surf and Sales Podcast
Hosted by Richard Harris and Scott Leese, this episode ran the gamut. It was an honor to join them for their 150th episode. Richard and Scott are two well-known, impactful leaders in our space.

Millennial Sales Podcast
Tom Alaimo and I talked about working harder on yourself than you do on your job.

Tenbound Sales Development Conference
This was a live, virtual presentation on “Success Principles for Today’s SaaS Leader.”

Loopicon: Human-Centric Sales at Scale
This was a live panel discussion for Loopio’s annual conference. I joined Jafar Owainati, Jen Franklin, DeJuan Brown, and Robert Flint.

Sales Hacker Live AMAs with Becc Holland
These were live “Ask Me Anything” sessions with Becc Holland and Matt Cameron.

Re-Route Your Marketing
This was a panel discussion hosted by Folloze. The moderator was Adi Aloni and I was joined by my friend, Brian Remington. View the recording here.

Developing Sales Strategies and Building GTM Teams
Led by Max Altschuler, this panel discussion talked through how successful sales teams and businesses are managing through the global pandemic. The panel included Trish Bertuzzi from and Andrea Austin. Register to view the video here and read the blog post here.

ringDNA Selling Forward: Virtual Summit
Hosted by Andy Paul, this web presentation was about how to break through mental barriers and get through crises.

How to Maintain Momentum During Uncertainty
Hosted by Gong.io, this is an online panel discussion led by Justin Welsh. The panel also included Stephanie Jenkins and Anna Phalen.

Flip the Script Tour, San Francisco
Hosted by Becc Holland, this panel was moderated by Scott Barker and included Pete Kazanjy, Godard Abel, and Lars Nilsson.


Sales Secrets from the Top 1%
Hosted by Brandon Bornancin, this talk reminds us that sales success starts with the right attitude. Read the transcript here.

Building a High Performing Sales Development Culture
Hosted by David Dulany, this is a discussion with Jenny Poore on key drivers of high-performing sales development teams. Read the transcript here.

Inspiring Sales Leaders
This episode is part of a series produced by SalesLoft.

The Salesman Podcast
A few of us addressed a question from Will Barron: “What can we do post-sale to build a ‘network of influence’ within a key account?”

We then addressed “What is an underrated skill that salespeople could develop to give them an edge over their competition?”


Hunters and Closers Podcast
A conversation with Dainon Haggard. We talked about how to take ownership of your career. Read the show notes here.

Revenue Summit: How to Prospect Using the Basics
This presentation was filmed at Sales Hacker’s Revenue Summit in San Francisco. It centered on the fundamentals of sales prospecting, like the right attitude, delivering value, and doing the work. Download the presentation here and read the transcript here.


How to Build a Crackerjack Sales Development Team
This presentation was made exclusively for the 2017 Sales Development Summit. It was hosted by InsideSales.com and Sales Hacker. I offered five key drivers for building a team of A-player sales development reps.

Secrets of Success from Top Performing B2B Sales Teams
This webinar panel also included Tyler Lessard, Trish Bertuzzi, and Jamie Shanks. We discussed how sales teams using video differentiate themselves from the pack. An opt-in is required to view the webinar.

The Salesman Podcast
This conversation with Will Barron was about how to stay motivated in and out of sales. Read the transcript here.

True Ventures University
Lars Nilsson and I spoke to True University students about Scaling Your World Class Sales Development Organization. True University is an annual two-day startup hosted by True Ventures at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Read the transcript here.

Revenue Summit: How Top Salespeople Overcome Obscurity
This presentation was filmed at Sales Hacker’s Revenue Summit in San Francisco. It centered on how salespeople can overcome obscurity in the marketplace. Download the presentation slides here and read the transcript here.

How Can We Use Video to Inspire Our Team?
This was a brief chat with my dear friend, Jorge Soto.

Semi-Rapid-Fire Sales Development Questions
Craig Rosenberg asked me a few questions.

Sales Mastership
Hosted by Winning By Design, this get together in the Boomtrain (now Zeta Global) office in San Francisco was to talk about the difference between good and great sales professionals. Below is an excerpt.

The SDR Chronicles
It was an honor to join Morgan J. Ingram on the 100th episode of The SDR Chronicles. We filmed it in Atlanta. Read the show notes here.

Rainmaker: Building and Running a Global Sales Organization
This presentation was filmed at SalesLoft’s Rainmaker conference in Atlanta. It centered on the key components required for building and leading a worldwide sales development organization. Download the slides here.

HireVue: SalesSummit
HireVue hosted this web conference. My presentation was about WHY you should do what you do. Download the presentation slides here.

SaaStr: How the Best Outbound Sales Teams Are Managed
Filmed at the SaaStr conference in San Francisco. This panel, led by Aaron Ross, also included Lauren McGuire and Mark Roberge. Read about the session here.

#RealSalesTalk: On Servant Leadership
I joined Sean Mitchell and Phill Keene for an episode of #RealSalesTalk, a video podcast they once hosted. This is an excerpt where I discuss my take on servant leadership. Watch the full episode here.


Kiwi Landing Pad: Sales Playbooks
This conversation was with Siân Simpson.

#StartupsUnedited: Leadership by Example
Hosted by Jorge Soto, this discussion also included Mark Ruthfield. We talked about millennials, tripling-down on strengths, and walking the talk.

Interview with AA-ISP Founder Bob Perkins
I joined the AA-ISP in Q1 2011. This conversation is with the association’s founder and president, Bob Perkins, about the association’s influence on sales development leadership.


Sales Stack: How to Power the Top of the Funnel
Filmed at Sales Hacker’s Sales Stack conference in San Francisco, John Barrows hosted this discussion on optimizing sales and marketing efforts. Panelists also included Bill Binch, Andrea Austin, and Lesley Young.

How to Build a Winning Sales Team
Filmed at, and hosted by, Betts Recruiting in San Francisco, this discussion centered on attracting top talent to your organization. Led by Amber Weinberg, the panel also included David Baga, Trenton Truitt, and Bridget Gleason.

How to Avoid SDR Burnout
Hosted by Max Altschuler, the founder of Sales Hacker. The panel also included Jon Birdsong and JM Wilke. We talked about how to prevent sales development reps from “burning out.”

Best Sales Development Tools to Use in 2015, Part 2
Part 2 of a 2-part series on the hottest, most current technology for sales development professionals.The panel also included Andrew McGuire, Sean Kester, and David Dulany. Download the presentation slides here.

What SDR Job Descriptions are Really Telling You
This piece was done for a virtual sales summit. It serves as a guide for aspiring sales development reps.

Rainmaker: Hiring for the Modern SDR
This presentation was filmed at SalesLoft’s Rainmaker conference in Atlanta. It centered on how to attract and retain top talent. Download the presentation slides here.

Best Sales Development Tools to Use in 2015
Part 1 of a 2-part series on the hottest, most current technology for sales development professionals. The panel also included Andrew McGuire, Sean Kester, and David Dulany. Download the presentation slides here.

2 Minutes on BrightTALK
A brief mention of five barriers that block salespeople from hitting quota.


Sales Prospecting: How to Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
Sales activity without structure is as productive as children playing at recess. This webcast covered planning the work and working the plan. Download the presentation slides here.

Dreamforce 2014: SDRs MUST Represent
Recorded live at Dreamforce in San Francisco. Ken Krogue introduced this talk on how to “represent” in the sales and sales development profession. Download the presentation slides here.

Sales Acceleration Summit: How to Motivate Your Sales Team
Hosted by XANT, this webinar focuses on prime areas that drive motivated sales teams. The video is no longer available, but you can download the presentation slides here.